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Places of Interest in Vientiane

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Vientiane is the capital and largest city in Laos. Located on the banks of the Mekong River, Vientiane is a city immersed in legends and history. The city is home to a massive gilded stupa, Pha That Luang, the national symbol of Laos. The streets are lined with trees, French colonial buildings, street markets, Buddhist temples and noodle shops. Vientiane feels like it's a small town. But don't be fooled by it's a big city with many options. About 750,000 people live here.


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VIENTIANE and Neighborhood 

1 . Buddha park

dsc_0021_3.jpgThere is lot of a concrete sculptures . its located about 25 kilometers from Vientiane and also is near from Friendship bridge . His history is not too long . It was build in 1958 by Bunleua ​​Sulilat . The giant of the ball by the road represent heaven and hell 

You can go there by car , by motorbike or by bus from Talat sao there is the bus stop and price  10000 LAK .it is worth visiting

The entrance is 30000 LAK/person  and 10000 LAK / per a car 

2 . Patuxay 

img_3291.jpgA very remarkable landmark is the Patuxai Arch, also known as the Victory Gate. An amazing building with an extensive class in front of it reminds of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Visitors can head to the top of the memorial, which passes by many souvenir shops. From the top there is a wonderful view of the city of Vientiane.

The victorious gate of the city was built in 1962 from a cement purchased in the US for a new airport.

The entrance to the top 3000LAK/person and 5000LAK/per car 

3. Sisaket temple

dsc_0282.jpgIt is the only temple to have survived the attack and destruction by the Siamese in 1827-1828 and therefore, it is the only wat in Vientiane surviving in its original shape. Its location marks the centre of the old city and has the oldest monastery in the country. 

There is 10 000 pictures of buddha .
The entrance is 10 000 LAK / person


4. Hophakaew Museum

dsc_0288.jpgIt is the temple next to the sisaket . Is there really small museum but on outside is nice garden and they sell the painting pictures . I buy 2 pictures there 

The entrance is 5000 LAK/person


5. Pha that luang 

50930614_2153210631366631_8487206254249246720_n.jpgThe first mention dates back to the 3rd century, where the Buddha's breastbone was brought to Laos by an Indian missionary.

But a large golden temple that was built in 1566 after King Setthathirath made Vientiane the new capital of Lan Xang. At that time the pagoda was covered with a golden . In 1827, most of Vientiane was destroyed and plundered by Siamese invaders

The entrance 10 000 LAK/person and 5 000/per car 

6 Ride on elephant 

21230844_1556821317672235_6643294963560792789_n.jpgIt is approximately 25 kilometers from Vientiane . Where you find maybe 8 elephants . You can buy bananas and feed small elephants in the place  The ride takes about 30 minutes . there is also a restaurant on the shore of the lake . 

One way 50 000 LAK / 1-2 Person and 10 000 LAK / per bundle of banana














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