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places of interest in Vang Vieng

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It is small city with many hotels a restaurant  .Previously, this city was called Sin City. Because many foreigners came here to try local drugs and alcohol. And there were also many deaths There is beautiful nature surrounded by mountains and lagunes . Here we show it some interest places for visit


1. Kaeng Nyui Waterfall

22195738_1581525978535102_3911324801083381438_n.jpgYou can found it approximately 8 km from center . There is very difficult road but it is worth visiting . In this place you can try ride on the elephants , rent the buggy or see the tracitional dance of children . There is also a restaurant with local food .

The entrance is free but you have to pay 10 000 LAK for parking



2. Tham Chang

22195953_1581527641868269_3263963112125058175_n.jpgNice stalactite cave . Which is on the top of the hill. It leads a lot of stairs there . In place is two restaurant with local food . The way to the caves that you cross through the bridge is also a beautiful view of the mekong river

The entrance is 50 000 LAK and 10 000 LAK per car 

3.Tham Poukham Cave ( BLUE LAGONS 1 ) 

dsc_0014.jpgThis is most famous place of neighborhood . Everyone meets here for a picnic, swimming , ride zip-line , rental of buggy , jump into water or only relaxation . There is really many things what you can do here . There is many people every day . The water is a crystal blue . 

The Entrance is 15 000 LAK a 10 000 per Car 

4. Blue Lagoon 2

dsc_0012.jpgThere is nice place for swimming a relaxing . It is second blue lagoons between the big hills . There is a restaurants but main important things is that there is quiet for rest

The entrance free . I think that you have to pay tax for car 10 000 LAK









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