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Places of Interest in Pakse

certainly worth seeing 

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PAKSE and Neighborhood -  

1. Tad yuang waterfall (trip one) 

50815199_2156251334395894_7384745981100687360_n.jpgIt is an impressive waterfall which height of 40 meters . Under which you can swim but you must to be careful because there is lot of mud and it's slippery .

There are also several souvenirs shop and restaurants 

In Near the waterfall is a hotel with 30 room .

If you just go there for a visit . You must pay tax 10000LAK/person . And also for 10000LAK/fee per car 


2. Tad fane waterfall

50783908_2156251404395887_4669073099398840320_n.jpgThere are two waterfalls with a height of 120 meters . It is Located in Dong Hua Sao national park . At Tad Fan you can enjoy a magnificent view into a huge gorge and you can make a beautiful pictures .

Near the waterfals is also restaurant and toilets . There are also possibilite go by the zip-line but about it below .

The entrance is 10 000LAK/pers.   10 000LAK/fee per car


 3. Zip-line over the waterfall ( Tad fane ) 

59442379_2298593293495030_2119812393482584064_n.jpgYou have option to drive throught the gorge by zip-line . Overall there are around 7 platform ,  two of which were amazing . the track runs along  the waterfall . You can see on my picture

The price is 35 USD / about 300 000 - 350 000 LAK





4. Cham pee waterfall

51311820_2156251734395854_846738384201187328_n.jpgThe waterfall with a height of 30 meters . Underneath it lies natural swimming pool with refreshing water . There is one way that is steep but there is also an easy way that is long

At the parking place is possibility of refreshment

the entrance is 5000LAK/person and 5000LAK/fee per car

5. E-TU Waterfall

116965971.jpgThe threeth very beautifull waterfalls 

There is a magnificent hotel with many bungalows

the entrance is 10000LAK/person and 10000LAK/fee per car


6. Phu Salao, Golden Buddha

51124170_2164596103561417_2822701186090532864_n--1-.jpgit is a imposive a giant sculpture around there is many beautiful shrines .


From the top is a wonderful view of the mekong river and the whole city of Pakse



7 .  Vat Phou - Temple Complex (trip two)

51596688_2164597060227988_5034593976137547776_n.jpgIt is a remnant of a temple that was built more than a thousand years ago. He was dedicated to the shiva god. There are both Buddhist and Hindu buildings that have built khmeros from the 5th to 15th centuries, and bears exceptional testimony to Southeast Asian cultures. Personally, I was not very interested in it, but it is one of the few things that dates so far so I think it is worth seeing. The entrance is 50,000 kipu and includes a museum and a transfer to about a kilometer long to enter the complex.





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