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Places of Interest in Luang prabang

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The ancient city of Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Laos. It is surrounded by mountains and rivers Nam Khan and Mekong. Luang Prabang is the heart of Laotian culture. you can see many historical buildings, lots of temples and shrine . It is also one of the most beautiful cities in southeast Asia. Luang Prabang rose to prominence as the capital of the first Lao kingdom (Lan Xang - the land of millions of elephants) since 1353..

1. Kuang Si Waterfall

dsc_0311bn.jpgKuang Si Falls has a 50-meter fall into shallow pools before flowing downstream. Swimming pools make large swimming holes - you can change your swimsuit in wooden cabins near the entrance to the waterfall. Pools surrounded by lush tropical jungles have cascades of up to 5 meters. If you do not want to swim, you can relax in the shade and watch others who are having fun and jumping to the water.

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2. Butterfly Park ( near Kuang Si waterfall )

dsc_0323.jpgIt is beautiful place with many beautiful butterfly , worms , flowers . And there you can try many types of the local coffee .

The entrance is 30 000 LAK and 10 000/ per car

3. Khoun Moung Keo Waterfall ( near butterfly park ) 

dsc_0332.jpgThere is you must go through the palm plantation . If you see the restaurant so on left site you will see a nice waterfall with the swimming pool under him . Very quiet place 

The entrance is free 

4 . Royal palace 

dsc_0362.jpgIt is the largest museum of history and culture for Laos. You can find there weapons, sculpture, painting, royal jewelry which are the last century and many others. Make sure you visit the room with the murals of Lao's life in the 1930s. It was build 1903.

5 .Pak ou caves and and etnic village tour 

dsc_0398.jpgit is nice trip with a boat from Luang Prabang to the first stop in ethic village where you can find manufacturing of the local whisky , wine and vodka . There is also many shops with gifts . after an hour visit you are continue to the cave . the way upstream is long, but during the journey you can enjoy the beautiful nature . If you come to the caves you have posibilites the see thousands buddha . The caves is one of the holiest places in laos 

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